Money Week

And what? – Has asked Matti.
Natasha has sharply turned a loudness regulator. The low tired voice has hooted in a room: “the Seventh, the seventh, tells
Syrt. Why there is no report? Hear, the seventh? Give a report!” The seventh zabubnila in figures.
Syrt! – Natasha has told. – Syrt! The first speaks! – the first, do not disturb, – the tired voice has told. – have patience.
Well here, please, – Natasha has told and has turned a loudness regulator in the opposite direction.
And what you, actually, wish to inform them? – Has asked Matti.
About that happens, – Natasha has answered. – after all this unusual incident.
Well and an unusual incident, – Matti has objected. – every night at us such unusual incident.
Natasha has thoughtfully propped up a cam a cheek.
And you know, Matti, – has told it, – after all today the first time the bloodsucker has come in the afternoon.
Matti all handful undertook a physiognomy. It was the truth. Before bloodsuckers came or late at night, or before the sunrise.
Yes, – he has told. – Yes-a-a. I understand it so: have become impudent.
I too so understand it, – Natasha has noticed. – that there, on a platform? – You are better itself descend look, – Matti has told.
- my Chamber has spoilt. To me today not to observe.
Children there? – Natasha has asked.
Matti was restive.
Yes, in general there, – Matti has told and has vaguely given up as a bad job.
He has suddenly imagined that Natasha when will see a bullet hole over a pavilion door will tell.
Natasha has again turned to a portable radio set, and Matti has quietly covered behind itself a door. It left the house and has
seen krauler. Krauler flied on speed limit, dashing jumping from a barkhan on a barkhan. Behind it to the stars there was a
dense wall of a dust, and on this red-yellow background the mighty figure of Penkova standing in all growth with a carbine
rested sideways was very effectively allocated.
Sergey conducted krauler, of course. It has directed the car directly on Matti and has tightly braked in five steps. The dense
cloud of a dust has clouded an observant platform.